Second Hand Clothes

AMAZ Trading Group has a long-term strategy of diversified portfolio in the Second Hand Clothes industry. Amaz Trading has a strategy of being locally integrated into the Australian Textile industry and internationally connected to the export markets worldwide specialising in Africa and the Middle East (AME) regions. 

At AMAZ Trading Group we aspire to bring Australia’s high-quality Second Hand Clothes standards to the diverse markets of Africa and the Middle East (AME). We at AMAZ Group are positioned to source, package and export large volume of fast-moving to smaller players with flexibility to meet demand for niche garments items to the export markets of Africa and Middle East (AME). 

AMAZ Trading Group is highly dynamic driven by demanding consumers seeking diversity, quality and value. Many Australian Clothes have European, West influences. 

Quality standards are paramount with strict safety standards regulated and enforced along the supply chain. Excellent R&D facilities, both public and private, assist in the innovation process by facilitating development of new and differentiated products, as well as continual improvements to packaging and production processes.

At AMAZ Trading Group we can source, package and ship from “Warehouse to Port” using our vast supply chain management ecosystem and our decades experience in the exporting industry. We can cater for any packaging requirements directly to our clients worldwide. 

Connect with us by exploring our vast ready to ship products. Alternatively, complete the quick no obligation free online quote for a tailored export plan.